Toothpaste selection tool

Click on link to learn more about your toothpaste or to assist in picking a new toothpaste for you and/or your family.


RDA – How abrasive the toothpaste is.  Selecting a product in the 0-70 range is recommended

Fluoride – We recommend selecting a toothpaste with fluoride to help repair teeth before cavities form.  Not included on this list but Sodium Fluoride is Dr. Barberi’s preference

as Stannous Fluoride can cause surface staining of teeth.  However, this stain is removed during your regular cleaning appointments.

Detergent – If you get ulcers often, try selecting a toothpaste with no detergent.  SLS is linked to chronic ulcers.

Sweeteners – none of these sweeteners will cause cavities but ONE will reduce cavities.  Choosing one with Xylitol is recommended

Antibacterial – Great addition if you struggle with gingivitis or gum disease (periodontitis)

Whitener – Helps to brighten the color of your teeth. 

Desensitizer – Pick one with desensitizer if you have sensitive teeth

Stain Removal – for Coffee, Tea or red wine drinkers – Choosing one with baking soda is preferred.